Help us Meet Our $29,000 Match in Ethan’s Honor by Midnight!

Today is EthanAlmighty’s second rescue anniversary and the final day to meet our $29,000 match in his honor from the Frazier-Joy Family Foundation. To help us celebrate Ethan and his many accomplishments over the past two years, please donate by midnight tonight so that we can help every animal like Ethan who comes to our door. You can also join us on Facebook, where we are sharing Ethan’s milestones and highlighting the important work he does all day today!

It’s hard to believe that the healthy, silly dog we know today was once left for dead in the Kentucky Humane Society’s parking lot and is now a symbol of hope and resilience for so many. We are so proud of his many accomplishments, but the most important is the attention he has brought to the thousands of other shelter animals who are just as deserving of love and second chances. Ethan is a very special dog, but there are dogs, cats and horses like him all over the world who are in the shape he was in or worse who are fighting for their lives. With your help, KHS will continue to be there for every single one that comes to our door. If Ethan’s story has inspired you, please consider making a donation in his honor today. Your gift will help us continue to save lives and heal the broken.

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