Purrfect Day Cafe entered a video for Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Pawsitive National High-Five Day Contest – and now we need YOU to vote to help the Kentucky Humane Society win a grant award!

To celebrate the success of The Jackson Galaxy Project’s (JGP) life-saving Cat Pawsitive program, GreaterGood.org and Jackson Galaxy announced the 2nd annual Cat Pawsitive National High-Five Day Contest. Jackson Galaxy himself picked the top 25 videos, and Purrfect Day Cafe’s entry was selected


Vote for Purrfect Day Cafe’s entry to give the Kentucky Society the chance to win $5,000 – and send Kimmy to Lil BUB’s Birthday Party with Jackson Galaxy in L.A.! (Scroll to find Purrfect Day Cafe’s video and click “vote”!)


More info: 

Cat Pawsitive is a life-saving program for shelter and rescue cats that aims to increase feline adoption rates by instructing shelter/rescue staff and volunteers how to implement positive reinforcement training for cats, that includes teaching them to high-five.  Jackson Galaxy, star of the television show “My Cat from Hell” on Animal Planet, NY Times best-selling author and founder of JGP, developed the Cat Pawsitive program with a team of feline behavior experts in an effort to enrich the lives of cats in shelters and rescues to improve their wellbeing and adoptability.

“Shy cats in stressful shelter environments are often looked over, and difficult to adopt to loving families. By engaging these cats in my Cat Pawsitive training, teaching new behaviors like the high-five, they become less scared and stressed and more adoptable,” said Jackson Galaxy. “We’ve already adopted over 1,000 Cat Pawsitive cats and we are just getting started! These techniques are also a great way to develop a bond with your cat at home… plus, it’s pretty cool to show your friends that your cat can high-five.”

The top three entries with the most votes will be announced on June 3. The grand prize is a $5,000 cash grant to an animal shelter/rescue of the winner’s choice, and an invitation (+1 guest) to Lil BUB’s birthday party in Los Angeles with Jackson Galaxy. Second place is a $3,000 cash grant to a shelter/rescue of the winner’s choice and Third Place is a $2,000 cash grant to a shelter/rescue of the winner’s choice. This year’s contest is in partnership with The Petco Foundation, The Animal Rescue Site and Lil BUB.

About The Jackson Galaxy Project: The Jackson Galaxy Project is a Signature Program of GreaterGood.org, a public 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Founded in 2014 by leading animal advocate and cat wellness consultant, Jackson Galaxy, the New York Times best-selling author and host and executive producer of Animal Planet’s long running hit show “My Cat From Hell,” The Jackson Galaxy Project seeks to improve the lives of animals at risk and help the people who care for them through innovative programs that educate, inspire and empower staff, rescuers and adopters to continually raise the bar for  animals at risk and reduce the number of animals that end up in shelters. For more information, visit TheJacksonGalaxyProject.org.

About GreaterGood.org: GreaterGood.org is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that works to improve the health and well-being of people, pets, and the planet. Over the last 11 years, GreaterGood.org has given over $175 million in cash and in-kind grants to over 3,000 charitable partners worldwide. To learn more, visit GreaterGood.org or follow us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

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