A few weeks ago we introduced you to Lavender, one-year-old dog who had two-inch-deep wounds caused by an embedded collar. You won’t believe how great she looks now!

I wanted you to know how fantastic Lavender is doing now! At the Kentucky Humane Society, Lavender received lifesaving medical care. Our veterinary team treated Lavender’s infections and surgically closed the wounds around her neck. Her wounds have healed, and – amazingly – she will barely have a scar. Now she’s ready to find her forever home!

Lavender is a super sweet, energetic love bug who adores meeting new friends, going for walks, playing fetch and chewing on chew toys. What a difference from just three short weeks ago, when our staff found her running in South Louisville with horrific injuries.

On behalf of Lavender, I want to thank you for your support. Your donations allow us to save animals like Lavender, mend their wounds and find them loving homes. Thank you for being part of the KHS family!


Alisa Gray
Vice President for Outreach

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