Clarabelle Update 6/18/24

Clarabelle arrived at KHS with her ten puppies after being rescued from the side of a highway. She was extremely malnourished and in desperate need of tender loving care so that she could care for her babies. Despite being closed at the time, our East Campus team jumped into action and gave Clarabelle and her puppies the peaceful place they needed to recover from the trauma they’d endured.

We spent over two weeks doting on this sweet mama and her ten puppies. In a safe, comfortable space, Clarabelle was finally able to gain some weight while also nursing her babies. Once the reopening of our East Campus inched closer, we knew it was vital to give this canine family a quiet place to continue growing stronger. We sent them to a foster home where they are now soaking up love and affection until the babies are ready to be weaned and Clarabelle is ready for adoption.

Thank you so much for your compassionate support of our shelter animals. Donate using the button below or online at kyhumane.org/donate, and your gift will help KHS continue to provide vulnerable animals with the tender loving care they need and deserve. Thank you!

When Clarabelle and her ten puppies arrived at our East Campus unexpectedly, we were heartbroken to discover how she was found. This sweet mama was rescued from the side of the highway by a trio of teenage boys who spotted her cowering next to a plastic tote containing her ten puppies. 

Our team knew this young family needed help immediately, and even though we were at full capacity from another emergency intake, we welcomed them in. We set Clarabelle up in a spacious room so she could comfortably care for her babies while our staff cared for her. Clarabelle was severely underweight, and nursing ten puppies depleted her already low supply of nutrients. Thankfully, Clarabelle and her puppies seemed otherwise healthy, so we focused on providing this sweet mama with the nutrition she needed to regain her strength. In two short days, she gained half a pound thanks to the extra calories and ability to rest.

You can help KHS provide lifesaving care to the many vulnerable animals who come to our doors just like Clarabelle and her ten puppies. Please donate in their honor using the button below or online at kyhumane.org/donate. Thank you!

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