Parvo Puppy Fighting for Her Life

We have taken in an extremely sick puppy who tested positive for Canine Parvovirus (also known as Parvo), a very contagious virus that can lead to death for unvaccinated puppies. Parvo causes severe intestinal damage, dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, and secondary infections. Many shelters don’t have the resources to treat or isolate this virus, so we are grateful that this pup made it to KHS where, thanks to your support, we can give her the care she needs. She’s in our quarantine unit in critical condition. She is not eating or drinking water, a common symptom of Parvo, so we are giving her nutrition through a feeding tube and doing everything in our power to help her survive. Please help by donating today so we can continue to provide urgent care to animals like this little puppy.

We’ll keep you posted on this sweet puppy’s progress. Please keep her in your thoughts as she fights for her life. Thank you for your support and compassion!

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