Severely Burned Cat Needs You

Arthur Says “Thank You!”

Arthur is slowly but surely healing after coming to KHS covered in severely infected burn wounds. Last week, he went to a foster home where he now enjoys snuggles with his caregivers. Arthur wants to say thank you to the kind supporters who have sent him care packages! He loves his new t-shirts that protect his skin as it heals, and is learning all about the wonders of cat treats. Our brave boy will continue to rest and recover until he is ready to find his forever family. Thank you for cheering Arthur on, donating in his honor, and sending him gifts. Your support means the world to us and our animals.

Arthur Update

Our brave boy Arthur is slowly but surely recovering after surviving unthinkable abuse. Arthur recently arrived at KHS covered in shocking burn wounds but despite all of the trauma he’s endured, he’s remained bright and alert throughout his treatment.

Our veterinary team cleans and dresses Arthur’s wounds daily while providing him with pain medication to keep him comfortable. Thankfully he seems to be responding well – his skin is less inflamed and his wounds are growing scabs, a healthy step in the healing process. Our vet team is confident that Arthur is stable and simply needs time to recover, so they have placed him in a loving foster home where he can continue to improve without the stress of shelter life. Please continue cheering Arthur on as he heals from the terrible trauma he’s endured. THANK YOU!

Arthur Still Fighting for His Life

Recently, a cat arrived at our Sam Swope Pet Treatment & Lifesaving Center with horrifying burns covering his body. He has been under constant observationand our veterinary team cleans and dresses his wounds multiple times per day while providing pain medication to keep him comfortable.

Despite the unthinkable trauma he’s experienced, this sweet cat has a lot of fight left in him, and we are cautiously optimistic that he will pull through. Our staff has named him Arthur. Like the legend of King Arthur pulling the sword from the stone, our Arthur is brave and determined. He continues to persevere despite the challenges in front of him and remains steadfast in his recovery.

Thanks to donors like you, KHS can provide animals like Arthur with the compassionate care they deserve. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a big difference in the lives of vulnerable animals. We couldn’t do this lifesaving work without you.

Young Cat with Horrific Burns Receiving Care at KHS

The young cat who arrived at our Sam Swope Pet Treatment & Lifesaving Center is still fighting for his life after suffering horrific burns all over his body. Our veterinary team sedated him so they could shave him and further evaluate his injuries, and what they found is simply horrific. 

We believe this cat was set on fire and abandoned to fend for himself. His wounds are deep and seem to “drip” down his body, indicating a flammable liquid was poured over him.

Despite what he has suffered at the hands of humans, this kitty has been sweet and loving towards our staff. He will remain under close observation until his condition stabilizes, but our team is dedicated to providing him with the safety, comfort and love he deserves. Please keep this poor cat in your thoughts and donate in his honor to support lifesaving medical care for animals just like him. Thank you for caring for the vulnerable animals in our community.

Burned Cat Brought to KHS for Urgent Treatment

A young cat has arrived at our Sam Swope Pet Treatment & Lifesaving Center fighting for his life. He has horrific burns all over his body, head and ears. His wounds are deep and riddled with infection, putting him at risk of sepsis. Our veterinary team will need to sedate this poor kitty to shave his fur and further evaluate the severity of his injuries.

For now, we have given him pain medication and antibiotics. We hope to keep him comfortable and without pain as we begin to treat his wounds. We ask that you please donate so we can continue to provide emergency medical care for our community’s most vulnerable animals. Thank you for your support.

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