Over 40 local Starbucks employees volunteered their time to help animals at the Kentucky Humane Society on April 26.

One team cleaned up the dog play yards and did general landscaping at our main shelter on Steedly Drive. Another team participated in “Date with a Dog” at our Sam Swope Pet Retreat, a behavioral rehabilitation center for shelter dogs. We are so grateful for the Starbucks partners who volunteered, and for Starbucks Foundation for supporting “dollars for doers” grants.

“Our dogs had a fantastic time getting out of the shelter with the Starbucks team,” said Edwin Ramirez, KHS Behavior Manager. “Some even visited a local Starbucks and got special treats during their ‘Date with a Dog.’ “

“Date with a Dog” pairs volunteers with dogs at the Sam Swope Pet Retreat. Volunteers take them out of the shelter for short breaks as a way to reduce stress and gain valuable insight into their behaviors outside of the shelter.

“Our play yards look fantastic thanks to the Starbucks team!” said Savannah Gregorchik, KHS Volunteer Manager. “They spent their time ‘spring cleaning’ the yards, and then got to meet some of our shelter dogs.”


Dollars for Doers

Does your company participate in a volunteer grant program? This means that a company gives money to nonprofit organizations based on the number of hours its employees volunteer. These companies include Allstate, Microsoft, CVS, General Motors, Macy’s and so much more.

Not sure if your workplace participates? Let us know and we can look up the information!

For companies with volunteer grant programs, we are happy to arrange a puppy or kitten visit to your office to talk more about volunteering! Contact Savannah at [email protected] for more information.


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