This Derby, Help Horses Like Frannie at the Kentucky Humane Society

The first Saturday in May is unforgettable in Kentucky, full of celebrations and traditions.

This year, we are inviting you to create a new tradition: during Derby, could you make a donation to help horses at the Kentucky Humane Society?

We want to tell you about Frannie—an orphaned foal we rescued when she was just three days old.

A Thoroughbred-cross born in February, this beautiful, wobbly-kneed foal found herself motherless and abandoned. Without our immediate intervention, Frannie would have died.

But Frannie was lucky enough to be rescued by the Kentucky Humane Society. This beautiful foal has the grit of a cowgirl and the elegance of a runway model, and thanks to caring people like you, she will have a bright future.

But there are many other Kentucky horses that need to be rescued.

Your gift will help us rescue and care for more of Kentucky’s forgotten and unwanted horses – those who will never compete on Derby day.

Alice, an orphaned foal we rescued last year, is a perfect example of how your gift brings many unexpected returns. She’s now a therapy horse, helping children in foster care.

One orphaned foal helping other “orphans”—it’s a happy ending guaranteed to make you smile. Please send your gift today so that we’ll have more heartwarming stories to celebrate.

Thank you for your compassion and generosity,

Lori Kane Redmon Signature

Lori Redmon
President & CEO

P.S. Your gift this Derby will have a huge impact on horses at the Kentucky Humane Society!

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