Meet James Yackle! James is our Volunteer of the Month! He has been with KHS since April 2019 as a Foster and as of September, he started volunteering at our Sam Swope Pet TLC for our Pet Food Bank.

James is a stay-at-home cat dad, but building a business in his spare time! He finished his MBS last year and is keeping up with his BioTech Background to define how to help meet unmet medical needs.

He mainly fosters cats; he calls them his “kitten library.” Since he started, he has had two foster failures! He says, “pick the number of pets you’re willing to adopt and stick to it otherwise you’ll be a two-cat household with four cats!”

His favorite memory while fostering occurred when “one of the eight-pound momma cats we were fostering required some special attention. She carried the frozen steaks that must have been at least half her body weight in a Ziploc bag upstairs to her kittens. I had left them on the counter in the kitchen downstairs to thaw. Hours later, I had forgotten about the steaks, go upstairs, see blood and hear a kitten crying. I about had a heart attack! Fortunately, the kitten was just stuck in the duvet covers and the steaks had leaked.”

For fun, James enjoys “playing video games, playing with the plethora of kittens we foster, playing Pokemon Go, and annoying my lovely wife.”

James, from fostering to volunteering on-site, you being our Volunteer of the Month is well deserved. We appreciate all you do for us at KHS! THANK YOU!

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