Meet Robin May! A retired Nurse Practitioner with a passion for horses. Robin volunteers weekly with our Equine C.A.R.E. Program

Robin is a retired Nurse Practitioner with a specialty involving individuals with intellectual disabilities. During her volunteer shifts, Robin can be found feeding, watering, cleaning stalls, grooming and sharing her love of horses. Some horses that come to the farm are afraid and nervous of their surroundings. For Robin, this is an opportunity to do something simple with a horse, such as standing quietly in their stall so the horse may gain trust in humans.

Her favorite moment was watching an orphan foal accept milk from a volunteer for the first time. She describes this day as “hopeful” and “heartfelt.” She also enjoys her work with other volunteers. In one particular moment, she witnessed another volunteer wake up at 4:25am each morning and bring her own power washer and shop-vac to the barn each day in order to ensure the stalls were clean. “It truly touched my heart early into my volunteer career to see the shared dedication staff and volunteers have towards the Equine program,” Robin recalls.

For those wanting to volunteer she tells readers to, “Find their passion. It may be with cats, dogs, horses or monetary gifts, but whatever it maybe, don’t wait. There is such a need for your help!”

Outside of volunteering, Robin can be found spending time with her husband, Phillip, and rescue dog, Sam. Robin enjoys exercising, cooking, yoga and any trip to visit the ocean.

Robin is pictured with Mac, a 20-year-old small pony who is blind in both eyes.

Thank you to Raising Cane’s for their sponsorship of the volunteer program!

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