Dog Covered with Tumors Helped by KHS

This poor dog is recovering after emergency surgery at KHS to remove multiple large mammary tumors. Please keep Molly Mae in your thoughts as she begins the long recovery process and we address her many medical needs. She is being kept comfortable with pain medications and lots of TLC.

While we don’t know much about Molly Mae’s background, it is clear she was medically neglected for a very long time: she had the most mammary tumors we have ever seen, a wound on her abdomen, and she was missing much of her fur due to skin infections. Mammary tumors are more common in older unspayed female dogs, as progesterone can cause mammary cells to multiply. We are having the tumors biopsied to see if they are cancerous. Despite the discomfort Molly is in, she is a loving, sweet dog who loves getting butt scratches.


Molly Mae was found as a stray by a Good Samaritan. Wanting to save this dog’s life, Charlene brought her to a local veterinary hospital, but she could not afford the extensive care, so Charlene reached out to the Kentucky Humane Society for help. Thanks to a grant from Dogs Trust USA, we were able to help Charlene pay for part of the hospitalization bill.

Charlene then surrendered Molly Mae to KHS so our veterinary team could perform surgery and spay her to stop progesterone, which was feeding the tumors. Because there were so many large tumors, our veterinarian was only able to remove half the tumors, as there was not enough skin to close the surgery site if she had removed them all. After Molly heals, Dr. Bewley will perform a second surgery to remove the tumors on Molly’s left side.

Our lifesaving work is made possible by donations. You can help us care for Kentucky’s abused, neglected and homeless animals by donating via Facebook or our website, www.kyhumane.org/donate. Thank you for your compassion!

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