Virtual Cat Training

KHS is now offering Cat Training by video chat! Work with a certified behavior trainer who specializes in feline behavior one-on-one through a live video chat.

We can address litter box issues, relationships between dogs and cats in the household, destructive scratching, impolite play, exercise and enrichment, manners and obedience, harness and leash training, and more!

While you may not think about it, cats can have behavior challenges too! But you don’t just have to live with challenging cat behaviors and animals that can’t seem to get along. Apply training and enrichment and learn how to make appropriate changes in your environment to help everyone live a happier, healthier, more peaceful life in your home.

Through a live one-on-one video chat, a KHS trainer can meet you and your cat, see the behavior in real-time, and answer your questions while they walk you through the exercises you will need to help you reach your goals. All lessons are followed with a written training plan and access to your trainer by phone, email, or video chat if you need additional help between your lessons.

Cat Training sessions are $80 each or $288 for a four-lesson package.

Call 502-253-2883 to schedule today!

Think cats can’t be trained? Think again! Check out this episode of “Caturdays with Kait” as one of our certified behavior trainers shows you can teach your cat to “high-five.”

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