Dear Friend of the Animals,

When you look back on challenging times in your life, what do you recall most?

For me, it’s the helpers. Those people who saw I was struggling, reached out, and gave me a hand. They helped turn a difficult time into one of hope and healing.

That’s exactly what you do when you give to the Kentucky Humane Society. Animals need compassion and loving care. They need a hand. And you, through your kind support, reach out and give it to them.

Will you lend a hand to them once again with your gift today?

Your gift will give hope and help to Kentucky’s needy animals … animals like Dusty.

Dusty and his owner, Freida, needed more help than most. You see, Freida is a 75-year-old widow living on $814 a month in social security benefits. Her dog Dusty is her heart, and the reason she gets up every day.

So when Dusty stopped eating because his teeth hurt, Freida was beside herself. She reached out in desperation to our Pet Help Line. It wasn’t easy for Freida to ask for help. She spent her life being a helper. But sometimes even helpers need assistance.

With your gift today, you help not only homeless animals at KHS, but you also help keep pets like Dusty in their homes where they are cherished.

Our compassionate Pet Help Line team gives free advice to overwhelmed pet owners seven days a week. They also provide medical vouchers to financially struggling elderly and disabled clients.

Far too often, senior citizens like Freida are faced with surrendering their pets to shelters because they can’t afford vet care.

Here’s what Freida wrote to us after Dusty was assisted through our Pet Help Line:

“I wanted to thank you for all your help and kindness. I had never used your service until this year. It made life so much easier! Dusty’s shots had always cost me $80. So on a limited income, the money always took away from household bills. I’m 75 years old. Dusty’s teeth were so bad he stopped eating. On $814 a month, I couldn’t
afford it. The best birthday present I could have was my baby boy getting his teeth fixed.”
– Freida

With your support, we can continue this important, lifesaving work. Please give Kentucky’s animals a hand with your gift today.

Thank you for all you do for animals and people in need!

With gratitude,

Lori Kane Redmon Signature

Lori Kane Redmon
President and CEO

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