Turning Their Tragedy into Triumph: KHS’ Resilient Pups

Seraphim’s Adoption

Wonderful news: Seraphim, who arrived at KHS in September with severe neck lacerations, has made incredible progress and has now found her forever family! Thanks to lifesaving medical care made possible by friends like you, Seraphim’s physical and emotional wounds healed beautifully. She had a loving foster mom who helped her gain confidence before uniting her with a forever family. We are thrilled to see Seraphim as a playful, happy puppy even though she had a traumatic start. Thank you for supporting her recovery!

Storie’s Story

Sweet Storie came to KHS last month suffering from Parvovirus, and we’re happy to share that he is Parvo-free after treatment. Unfortunately, we discovered he also had Ringworm and has to stay in quarantine until it’s gone. Our ACES (Animal Care Enrichment Staff) team is giving Storie lots of Tender Loving Care – and plenty of snuggles and playtime outdoors. His Ringworm test came back negative last week, but he needs one more negative test result before being released for adoption. We’re so grateful for your compassion, which is helping Storie get the lifesaving care he needs. With your help, this loving boy will soon be in his forever home.

Darling’s Daily Healing

Darling was dropped at our doors last week in heartbreaking shape. Her coat was matted and soaked in urine and feces, leaving her unable to move. She was constantly vomiting and had diarrhea, and she shook in fear when approached. Our hearts broke for this poor puppy, who’d clearly been hungry and scared for quite some time. The KHS veterinary team jumped into action, providing Darling with medication to alleviate her nausea and diarrhea in hopes of increasing her appetite. We are happy to share that thanks to their diligent care and your support, Darling is slowly recovering. Each day she grows more alert, bright and trusting of our staff. She especially loves snuggling up in Dr. B’s lap before her naps. While Darling still has a ways to go before she trusts people completely, it warms our hearts to see her gaining health and confidence. We are so grateful that because of you, we can provide lifesaving care for animals like Darling who have nowhere else to turn. Thank you for being part of Darling’s rescue and recovery! We can’t wait to share more happy updates as this sweet pup continues to blossom.

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